Friday, October 29, 2010

GPP STREET TEAM # 45 Back to Back

Michelle over at the GPP Street Team had a fun challenge this month. I am glad I got the time to work on this challenge. She asks that you take a background and work on it three different ways.

I started with this background I had done for the challenge on tissue paper. It is rich with a lot of layers.

At first I printed out 2 copies but they came out small so I glued them down to the page and added a strip of another color and then ribbon on the side to fill in another gap. Then I decided to do a collage.

Next I just made copies on my printer so they came out full size.   I added one scrap of paper to enhance the color and make it look a little different.  Then I saw this image of a woman in the background so I painted her.  I added scrapbook paper for the dress. The bird and words came next. To finish her off I outlined in charcoal. Charcoal is one of my favorite things to use on a page.

Here I turned the paper in a different direction and found another lady in the background. I decided to paint over the background and some of the dress area.  I added the words, covered the white paper in pastel and outlined in charcoal.  This challenge was so much fun.

I'd love to invite all the of the GPP Street Team Participant to check out my new network here 

To see what the rest of the GPP Street Team did this month go here


  1. Kate, these are so cool! I love the two women you painted....they remind me of you. The key in her hands is you holding the key to your dreams....your new network!

  2. Nice pages Crusader... i like the two portraits... even though they are still there is still a lot of movement in them somehow. Lovely. Happy creations from tj in germany

  3. This was an interesting process and turned out really nice. Good luck with your network. If I ever find my muse again, I'll come join!

  4. Kate - that original tissue background is so lovely! What a fun piece to begin with - and cool to see how you put it to work in different ways. Bravo girl! Thanks for sharing with the team. I'm off to check out your link.

  5. I love your paintings of the two women, how interesting you use charcoal, will try that too.

  6. oohhh I love the original background; my favorite colors!! The 2 women are full of hope and purpose, with the keys to knowledge in their hands.....very nice.

  7. Love your background and what you did with them. Very nice!!

  8. I love how your find ladies in your designs. They are beautiful.

  9. I'm always impressed by people who can find an image in their backgrounds :-) I'm blind in that sense...
    Love the soft colours you used; very restful.


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