Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My First Podcast

I  am excited to announce that I am the featured guest on Creative Living with Jamie at Jamie Ridler's Studios today.  You can catch the interview here    It can also be downloaded on itunes by going to this link.                                         
I was very excited to be asked to be on Jamie's show. I am in good company as she interviews the most interesting people.  All the podcasts are available to listen to at any time.  So I hope you will check it out.

My Newcomb No.3 Loom

I am also happy to say that we got the old loom working.  This is the first rug. I used rags that came with the loom and then some polar fleece strips that I was given by a friend.  I just wanted to try our all sorts of materials.  The rug will be for the back porch or out in the garage. With all the different materials I know that it won't be a great rug, but I just want to try out different things and see how the loom works.  I had about 27" woven when the leather strap that is part of the shaft switching broke.  We repaired it with some nylon webbing used for backpacks and its working pretty well.  I have taken off this rug and it was a misshapen mess like I thought it would be.  That is all good though because I learned a lot.  My next rug will be made with blue jeans and then I have some Pendelton wool selvedge to make another one.  You can weave fast on this loom. I am looking forward to making all sorts of rugs on this loom.

Traveling On

On Wednesday I am headed to Washington State for The Women's Summer Solstice Gathering. Its going to be a really fun event.  After that weekend I head to Portland, Oregon to see my daughter.  We plan to visit Portland and head to the ocean for at least a few days.  I am planning on trips to Powells, that huge book store and Dick Blick that wonderful art store, the Tillamook Cheese Factory, and then there is Voodoo Doughnuts and so much more. I am bringing my iPad along so I imagine there will be some blogging in the next couple weeks, so I won't totally abandon you. I am bringing the Remains of the Day Journal I made last year when I planned to go to Oregon.(the trip got cancelled). You can see it in this post. So it will be fun to be filling it in with a little art along the way.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Still Weaving

I have been spending my time at the loom this week. The old loom is not working yet. So I continue to work on the blanket I showed before.  I also got my Baby Wolf loom threaded with a new project. I just love the water like colors, they are definitely me.

This is some fabric I am weaving for a kimono style top. It is silk that I dyed in three different sections. I wound the warp chains first and then painted the dye onto the yarn. Then it was steamed to set the dye.  The weft or horizontal thread that I am using is sewing thread. It does not get any smaller than that.

This is what is called a warp faced fabric. It is closely set so you don't see the weft thread. The colors look better in real life.  It is mostly turquoise and teal with some blue and purple added in.  The color will change throughout the warp.  It is going to be fun and fascinating to use this fabric when its completed.

New Local Classes

I've also been working on getting a series of classes ready to teach in July.  If you are anywhere near me be sure to check them out on my website  I am really excited about doing them, they are going to be so much fun and life changing too.

Laughter Meditation

I went to a laughter meditation last night led by my friend Anne. She is my laughter yoga instructor and just the most fabulous person.  In laughter meditation we laugh for ten minutes and then lie down in silence for ten minutes and then share our experiences.  It is quite wonderful because after the laughter it is easier to slip into meditation without that monkey mind going every which way. It lends itself to a deeper meditation and feels fabulous.  Laughter Yoga is really great, check it out on the net and you may find a laughter group right in your own area.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Getting an Old Loom Working

Remember when I bought this loom? It was almost 2 years ago. In this picture it was not put together right. Dave worked on it for awhile but then it sat. It sat for long time. Partly because we didn't know what was wrong or how to fix it.

This is the view from the back of the loom. I threaded the heddles from the back of the loom. There wasn't a way to make them at the same height so it was a little difficult.

This is the front, I have the reed threaded, now I am checking for mistakes. When I did the threading here I realized how I could make the harnesses even.  The old bungie cord to the rescue. Now the next time I warp it will be easier.

That was several days ago and I am still having problems.  I have lashed on the warp twice, only to find that a warp thread breaks or their is a mistake in the reed threading.  It is getting frustrating. I may need to order a new part, but meanwhile we will try and fix the thing ourselves.  There is an issue with the warp beam tension. I am making it work but wonder if the part would help matters.  I have put a lot of hours into it, so I hope that has not been in vain.

Since weaving has been all consuming I have not done very much art. I know that those of you who do not weave will think all that sounds like a foreign language and I guess it does. So I promise some art too.  Today I pumped out a page and that felt good to get messy again.

My art  page for today. Created quickly with oil pastels from a photo I took in Sedona a few years back. I will be headed back there in October for a workshop so its on my mind. I get to have a weekend retreat with Connie Hozvicka and some other amazing fearless painters. Its going to be fantastic and I can't wait.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Sketches

Its been awhile since I did some sketching.  I am glad to be back to doing Sunday sketches.  To see what others are doing go here

Sunday, June 3, 2012

How To Get Your Creative Mojo Back

So its time for my big announcement for the week.  I am proud to announce that the ebook I have been working on for some time is now available for sale. This twenty page book is a great resource for mixed media artists and other creatives.  I have compiled some of my favorite techniques to help you get out of that creative slump you may find yourself in.  Even if you are not in a slump the ideas and techniques offered may inspire you to create more art. In addition the book comes with a downloadable guided meditation to help you meet your muse. I put all my experience with creative blocks into this book to help you, and I think its wonderful, but you do not have to take my word for it.

Here is what others are saying about this book.
'How to get your creative mojo back,' is a wonderful resource for artists and creatives in general who feel creatively blocked from time to time.  Kate takes the reader on a delightful journey sharing tips, tricks and techniques that have worked  to catapult her from feeling stuck to feeling vibrantly alive and back on track embracing her creative mojo!  Now she shares her findings with you!  You'll love the colourful whimsical illustrations as well as the great ideas Kate imparts! - Violette Clark

I have been fortunate enough to be the recipient of Kate's wisdom and her e-book is a little treasure box of even more of her helpful gems for getting unstuck.  There are some great ideas for overcoming the creative funk that we find ourselves in from time to time.  I especially like the popsicle stick idea! 
- Jolene Eborn

I love it. LOVE it. girrrrrrrl. it is so easy to read. it does that "help me now, please" job really well. i'm encouraged by it, and i'm not even stuck right now! LOL! the ideas are freshly communicated but in a way that makes it feel like you're talking to me rather than writing at me. you know? like kitchen table talk or coffee date with the girls. so cool. I love the watercolor images because they are SIMPLE. and really, that's what we need to get back to when we're stuck. simple play just as you wrote.  
- Mystele Kirkeeng

You can purchase your copy here or by the tab at the top or the link in my sidebar.

HowTo Get Your Creative Mojo Back  

A twenty page book full of ideas on getting you back in the artistic flow. Includes free recording below.  Introductory price just 7.99.  Until June 30 after that it will be 9.95.  
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Meet Your Muse Meditation Recording. 

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I couldn't get these to work in one transaction, so here is a way to make it easy. Add the book to your cart and then choose continue shopping.  That will take you back here and then click on add cart for the recording. After payment is received you will receive an email with 2 downloadable links.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Grateful Heart

This page popped out this morning.  The only art I have done all week.  My creative pursuits have been focused on other forms like weaving and gardening. Last night I attended a Native American Pipe Ceremony.  There is one held monthly at a spiritual center in town.  A woman named Bright Owl comes down from her ranch in Moore Idaho to hold the ceremony. It is such a gift to be able to take part.  I like  to go when I can.  Last night it was all about gratitude, one of my favorite things. It was a close intimate sharing with about twenty people.  I am still filled with all the good wishes.  I think that is why this page came out today.

I made the background with Inktense blocks awhile ago. So as I sat looking at the beautiful colors I decided to try something different.  She is drawn in charcoal and embellished with chalk pastels. I added several layers with stamping.  The flowers were drawn with charcoal and filled in with pastel. I used white gel pen for the eyes and a china marker for the circles. Then I finished it by spraying a fixative on the piece.  There is too much smearing if you don't do that.  I used hair spray, it works great. The words say "A thankful heart is a grateful heart."

I am not the best gardener by anyone standard but I do love my garden anyways. I have more weeds than flowers. I went out to tackle some of it today and found these.

I had planted some this spring but I don't think they made it. Then I noticed some that were a transplant from a friend that I planted last summer and they came up. Oh Was I excited. Anytime a plant comes back I see it as such a gift. Life renewed is such a joy to see. I am especially happy about the Lily of the Valley's though. I have tried planting them before with no success. They are the one flower from my childhood that I had not been able to grow. Its a bit of my mom coming back to me. We had a big patch of lily of the valleys on the side of the house. Now I can see I will finally be seeing them at my own place. A simple thing that really brings back memories.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Progress On Several Fronts

Remember when I showed this. Our fireplace and insert that we demolished.

This is the new stove, wall and hearth. We still have to put paneling back up but that should happen today.  I am really looking forward to being warm this winter. Later this summer we will be replacing the carpet and plans are to take down the old paneling and drywall, replace them and paint the wall. Dave is having surgery on his hand  next week so those improvements will have to wait a couple months.  I do love looking at my new stove and hearth though.

I have been working on getting the loom threaded and this blanket woven.  I really like how its turning out.