Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dancing Fools

This was homework for class, to draw fruit or vegetables in a grid.

We headed down to Alive after Five, since a friend was playing in the band.  I can't sit for long so a dancing fool is what I became.

Here Dave and I take a twirl or two.

Here my friend Amy was taking photos so I just had to get my silly on.  We had a great time.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

More Sketching

I've been continuing to do sketches from every day life. They are not perfect but then that is ok. I am just trying to capture a memory. This is out at Market Lake.

This was some random things while having lunch.  I didn't get the proportions right but it was still fun.

I sat in the car and drew a business, then I added color to it later.  Its amazing how if you add a little color that a drawing starts to look a whole lot better than you thought it was.

Went out in the backyard on Sunday and saw this.

This is a young Swainson's hawk that was born in one our pine trees.  He was checking out the neighborhood.

I was able to get quite close to him before he flew away.   What a beauty he or she is.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Creating With PanPastels and Stencils.

I finished up these pages I had started when I had insomnia Sunday night.  The backgrounds were made with stencils and panpastels.  I love using them this way.  Since I learned from Carolyn Dube how to set them with a gelli plate I am ready to role.  Its so easy.  Check out her video on the process below.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Art Journal Play

I pulled out my old moleskine sketchbook recently. It was started in 2009 and I never finished it. I figured its time for some play, so I pulled out my favorite gelatos and just added color. Just pure play in my art journal is one of my favorite things to do.

I did the left side first and it felt like a womb to me so I took up the idea of birthing. Birthing new ideas, new directions to go in my art and creative life. I didn't know it was foreshadowing of events. I have something new I will announce in another post.

This one was created with spray ink and a stencil and gelatos.  I sprayed with hair spray but that wasn't enough to be able to write on well. Oh I would love the perfect pen that would write over oil pastel all the time.

I used some of Julie Balzers stencils over a spray inked background. It was all about play once more. When working in your journal do you always have a plan or do you just play and see where it takes you?

Friday, July 25, 2014

Icon Portraits

So one of the exercises in Spectrum's offering on Nourish this month is all about seeing the divine within and painting an icon like portrait.

My first one didn't work that well. The gold leaf adhesive I use wasn't working and I didn't like the effect of the cardboard.

The second on in process for you. First I added clear gesso and some stablio pencil to highlight areas.

Next I used watercolor pencils and blended with a brush.

Then I added acrylic paint to the face and hair.

Lastly I added gold foil in the background.  I like this one a lot better.

This is one I tried in Panpastels, it really looks different.  I skipped the color pencil stage and it really made it look different.  This process is really fun.  It interesting painting on your own portrait, sometime it looks like you and other times it seems really different. I don't think this one looks like me at all.