Thursday, May 10, 2012

What's A Girl To Do

When recovering from surgery or an illness often part of you wants to be back doing things but your body is telling you otherwise. It is a frustrating place to be. So what is a girl to do to prevent herself from going bonkers just laying around. I often turn to books.

I got this book recently, so I spent time reading it from cover to cover. It is quite a lot like the class I took with Katie but has some new stuff too I like it.

I did this face in my journal a little bit at a time. I started with pan pastels and added wc crayons, acrylic paint and some oil pastels, It sure felt good to play again.

In looking for entertainment while I heal I pulled out this book which is full of good stuff.

and this one too.  Its been nice to revisit these books. There is so much good information that they really deserve a read several times.  I may not be able to do much but I can read and dream.

I have been reading this and loving it. Its set in Ireland and talks a lot about spinning and weaving and the history of Irish knitting patterns. It really made me want to be knitting again. So I picked up this pattern for hat and began it again.

I had started it last year but the yarn I chose was not working so I set it aside. I am now using the same yarn, double stranded and it looks great.  My yarn is a silver grey handspun that is wonderful to work with.  I am in a happy place with it.


  1. Books are always good companions when you aren't feeling great. You have some good ones to keep you dreaming and it won't be too long until you're back in the studio creating again.

  2. Janet said it, books are really great when you are unable to do other things. Of course books are wonderful anytime. Looks like you have been reading so really good stuff. Arney was so restless after his accident in March. Six broken ribs and a slite head injury kept from doing much of anything, so he watched old movies when he was awake. The pain meds put him to sleep and that was good because he was healing. The moment he could he was ready to do everything...but it does take time. You are going to be back doing what you love in no time. Love, Mary

  3. Oh my... these books are fantastic!!
    Yes you can always turn to books when you are not feeling well, like a god friend. :]
    You can really keep yourself busy here... enjoy the time, healing is never time wasted. ((hugs))
    Take care, Kate.

  4. Take good care of you as you recover, Lovely One. Escape through reading is a great one. Watching funny movies is another one I love !
    Sending light and love for quick healing !

  5. What a fun way to while away the time mending as you are...your female face is really quite wonderful, one of your best I'd say.
    Enjoy knitting too. ;-)
    Restful, peaceful, healing, work.

  6. HI KAte
    Wishing you a speedy recovery :)

    I have Unfurling and Creative Workshop and both are a great source for inspiration. Katie's book is on my wishlist,too


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