Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Black Friday 

If you are out shopping I hope you are enjoying yourself.  I had to make my early run for socks but that is all for me this year.  I am not even thinking about the holiday until December gets here. If you stayed home and are just enjoying some much needed rest.  That is just super, enjoy yourself.

I had to take a break and do some art journaling.  I really miss it. These collaged pages in my altered book journal were made with gesso and then watercolor crayons.  I added some stamping and both black and white charcoal.

This one was made with the same material with the addition of oil pastel and some doodling. I hadn't use white charcoal before and its a pretty interesting material. I often use a white china marker to add white highlights but it seems to be a more opaque look, plus the charcoal will blend and the china marker doesn't.


  1. Journalling must be one of the most relaxing practicing I know - love your pages

  2. Nice pages Kate. I stayed home and knit. and knit and knit.

    BTW did you send her her book? Did you hear anything back? Did you NOT send her anymore books??? Let me know okay? Thanks.

  3. These are lovely journal pages.The colors are soft, soothing, and give off a very relaxing feeling. :]
    I personally, stayed home this Black Friday... best idea ever! Got to relax after the holidays, such a treat!

  4. OH! I got so excited talking about your book find the other night, that I totally forgot to tell you that I have a present for you. Here's a few's plastic, it has lots of little holes in it, and it is the size of a placemat...oh, and I think you'll LOVE it.


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