Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Feeling Better

I am starting to feel a little bit better. Still bruised and battered but I can use my hand some more. I had been missing my art journal so I worked on some pages already started.

This is my ewe Juno, I thought she looked great on this background.

I added words to this page and colored in some white space with watercolor crayons.

This one was a group of pictures that I took as an exercise when I was out walking Belle.  They made a fun collage. The building on top used to be a one room schoolhouse and there are many signs from the railroad.  I like the little broom person.  I think I'd like to play with that image again sometime.

Car Shopping

We went out car shopping today.  I loved my old Crv so I am getting the same model. I should be able to get it later in the week.  I wanted a particular color that was at another location so I have to wait.


Only 3 weeks until I leave for Ireland, getting most of the details of the trip worked out.  Its going to be such fun, I can't wait. I am going to get to meet 2 very special ladies that I met over the internet. Lisa and Claire are both artists so it will be fabulous to meet them.


  1. Glad the hand is healing and you can get back to your creative goodies.
    Three weeks ! You must be so excited.
    Have a great week, Katie !

  2. I wish for you continued healing so that you can prepare and have a wonderful trip! I am very happy for you, Kate! xoO


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