Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Weaving To Share

As you know I have been weaving a lot lately. Finished up some towels on the loom and decided it was time I washed and hemmed another set too.

These are the towels made from mostly handspun cotton. They've been hemmed and washed now. I wish you could feel them. They are so soft. I would have to say there are hundreds of hours involved in making these towels. Spinning the cotton yarn took a long time. I am keeping these for myself. They are truly a labor of love.

This set I wove this past week.  They are thicker and will really be absorbent. I made them in five different colors.  They will be gifts. My original plan to use many colors didn't work out that well. The first towel was a sample of that and I liked them done in a darker color better. My next plan is to put all the color in the warp and just weave with natural or even one of the colors and see how that looks.  One weaving project always leads to the next one.

I love this towel so much I will show it again.

When I stacked all the towels together I really liked all the little eyes showing up.

Blogging Break

On Sunday I was in a car accident, totaled the car but I am ok. I have lots of bruises and a burn on my hand from the airbag. It should take a week or so to recover. So I will be back soon.


  1. I am glad you are ok, Kate. Your weaving looks wonderful. I too am recovering, but from retinal surgery. Wishing you healing rest, xoO

  2. Just checking on you after your accident. You are wise to rest up for a bit to recuperate. These towels are completely lovely. Bravo.

  3. Beautiful weaving! Love the towels!


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