Monday, January 3, 2011

Catching Up

I am trying to catch up but I feel like I am weeks behind everyone else.  After ten days of company, everyone has gone home now.  Time to reflect on last year and pick my word for the year. Alas there are already things starting that need attention.

I wanted to share with you some fun free things out there in cyber land this January.

Milliande is doing her Art Journal January series again.  She has a video daily, there is some awesome inspiration there.  You can check it out here.

The Sketchbook Challenge has started also.  Its a year long project that will really encourage you to get that sketchbook out and use it.  You can start any time. There are guest artists and monthly prompts and giveaways and fun to be had.  Check it out here

Strathmore Online Classes featuring their new line of Visual Journals began Jan 1.  These are free classes. This month Pam Carriker is doing a class and there will be 2 more additional classes in March and May by Linda Blinn and Roz Stendahl.  You can check those out here

Then there is Make over your writing in 31 Days.  It really more of a blog than a class with daily posts and ideas.  You can see it here 

This is what Santa brought me for Christmas. I have wanted a good camcorder so that I can start filming online classes myself.  So now I have no more excuses, I have the equipment I just need to learn how to use it and start filming.

Word of the Year, I have been thinking about this for some time. I was leaning towards Wellness but lately the word I had thought about choosing last year seems to be resurfacing.  Last year I almost chose finished or completion but changed my mind and embraced the word bliss.  Now once again I am drawn to finishing things. So I do not know if the word should be finish, completion or focus or follow through.  I have been looking for the word that encompasses all of this but I haven't figured out what it is yet. If you have a suggestion I would love to here it.

This past weekend I had some spinning/knitting friends visit from Utah. I pulled out lots of UFO's and went to work on some on them. I finished a pair of fingerless mitts for my sister and finished a sock for Sarah, just have to do the other one.  I had another sock 1/2 done so that is being completed now. I am coming up with a plan to finish all these things I have lying around.

Now that is just knitting, I have lots of writing projects in the unfinished states and I'd like to tackle one of them and just complete it. So I think this week I will take some inventory and see what it is that I am willing to spend the majority of my time on.

How are you planning on spending your time in 2011?


  1. I think "focus" would be a good word. It brings more to the table than "finish" in my opinion.
    I personally need to focus on living in the now. Stop dwelling on the past and fretting about the future. Not easy but I will sure try. And my art will definitely be my therapy.
    Happy new year!

  2. I still haven't chosen mine, either. I'm thinking of choosing one word a month though. If so, I guess I better pick one soon, since we're already well into January, lol. Focus does seem like a good one, though.
    Whatever word you choose - wishing you a happy, healthy, blissful New Year!

  3. Your new camcorder looks great. I'm looking forward to some videos soon!

    I've tried several times to sign up for the Strathmore classes but I never get anything back from them....don't know what I'm doing wrong.

  4. How about 'fruition'?


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