Thursday, January 13, 2011

Some Sewing and Knitting Projects

Since I have not managed any art lately I thought I would share all the things I made at Christmas time.  This year I ended up making quite a few things.   I couldn't show them when they were made but now that the recipients have them its time for all of you to see.

I made five utility aprons, this one is for my friend Celeste. She is a spinner and knitter so I added a sheep to all the buttons in the placket.

This one was for Janet, she loves purple so I went through my stash looking for purple fabrics.

I made a tote bag from this fabric for my sister last year, so I took the scraps to make her an apron this year. She really loves New Mexico so its perfect for her.

My sister Peggy loves coffee so I chose some coffee cup fabric for her apron,

and lastly my daughter loves cats so it had to be cat fabric for hers. One of our cats is a siamese so I made sure to applique one that  looked like Lucky.

Sarah started crocheting so I made her this holder for crochet hooks

This is the holder opened and you can see she has it filled already. I was really pleased on how well it turned out.  I had seen a similar one on Etsy so I made my own pattern and tried it in muslin first.  I tweaked the pattern a little before cutting it out of the fabric that Sarah picked out.

I also did some knitting, I made my daughter these fingerless mitts.   

Then after Christmas I made my sister Marianne this pair, and then Sarah wanted purple one's  so I made her a pair too! She kindly modeled them for these pictures, thanks Sarah.


  1. Boy were you ever busy. All your crafts were great. Wonderful holder for the crochet hooks and I love the knitted mits. are they hard for the thumb? Or is that just about decreasing?

  2. I love my apron and wear it almost every day. The pockets come in handy when I'm in the studio. Thank you again!

    Your crochet hook holder is great....I need to make one of those.

  3. I love how thoughtfully you chose each fabric to fit the person and their likes. what a fabulous friend and sister you are!

  4. You sure were busy before the holidays! I love that every apron is personalized in a way. (The cat fabrics are so cute!)

  5. Good Job! It is nice to see what others have made. It is also good to see what you have made by looking back.You see what you have accomplished. Wow

  6. Altho I dont crochet, your hook holder is really useful. A friend made me a holder similar for my paintbrushes. I'll email you a pic so you can add it to your "idea" file. Love the fingerless mitts too. If I could crochet, I would make some ankle warmers. Remember them? They are coming back...well, at least for the winter time. I envy your talents.


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