Sunday, January 30, 2011

Out Of My Slump

I really have enjoyed my week off from blogging and yes I did miss it so I am back. So what did I learn in that week, I think just the fact that I said I was going to stop made things better all around. I found time to work on my network and posted a video and a few posts there. I decided I was not going to double post everything, it just takes too much time. So you can either check out the network or subscriber to my YouTube channel  to see anything that I am doing there.  In the studio I spent quite a bit of time and learned to just let go, to not worry about what I was doing, to just be.  I made some simple pages and thats ok because you can only do what you feel like on any given day.  I am giving myself permission to do that, to stop being so critical and just let it be.

This is for the sketchbook challenge.

and a few of the journal pages I made in the last couple weeks.

A face in watercolor crayons

This is my entry for the creative challenge on my site.

Another simple page, these pages were done a week apart, I found it funny that I used the same paper for accent on both of them.

I liked this image so much its is my call to spring, I really am ready for it.

Here I really wanted to be another Kate for at least a day.

Another face exploration done in acrylics. For some reason I am calling her Imelda, not sure where the name came from.

More journaling with a simple image.   Now its time to get back to the studio and make some more art.  I hope that you can find time to do the same.


  1. Hey Kate welcome back - and with oodles of creativity too!

  2. I'm glad you are back, and refreshed. Simple isn't bad, or worse, or not good enough. It's just different - a different way of expressing yourself. I, for one, really like these simple pages you have shared with us!

  3. I just enjoyed your journal pages. :) And your sketch is really good. You ought to join us each week for Sunday Sketches!

  4. Welcome back, My Queen! You were prolific even during your break, without self-criticism, which I think is great! xoO

  5. You're definitely out of your slump in a big way! So many wonderful journal pages. I love the page about self care....I need that reminder, too. Another favorite is the one you did for the challenge. Beautiful work, Kate!!

  6. It looks like you've been busy! Great work. I especially liked the call to spring -- love that image!


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