Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Printing on tracing paper

These are some backgrounds I made from all the NevrDull experiments.

They are scraps from several different pages. I am not sure how I'll use them. I think they are pretty just as they are.

I've had these pages done for awhile, just forgot to take some pics of them.     I really loved this leaf paper so it had to go on a page somewhere.

This has another favorite new technique.  I have heard about it many times. I just have never tried it.  The image is printed on tracing paper. I love the transparent quality of it. I just glued down three edge of the tracing paper to a piece of cardstock and ran it through my ink jet printer. Really easy and gives great results.

Thought I would try a reverse zentangle. I started with a coaster and painted it with black gesso. Then I did all the pattens with a white Uni-Ball Signo Broad gel pen.

Today I actually took the time to do a journal page in my new altered book journal. I forgot just how much fun a little collage could be. The image was also printed on tracing paper.


  1. The tracing paper pages look great. I haven't tried that yet but after seeing your results I'll have to do it. All these pages have a different look; each one unique and interesting.

  2. What fun ideas you share all the results!

  3. Tons of good stuff here Kate.
    Love it all!

  4. I agree with all of the commenters above. I really like having different textures and transparencies in collage, so I'd love the printing on the tracing paper, Kate. Looks great! xoO

  5. Kate, you are always learning and sharing something new. I am envious. These tracing paper pieces are lovely.


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