Friday, October 7, 2011

It snowed!

I still find it hard to believe the snow we had yesterday. This is my backyard at the beginning of the storm. We got 4" of very huge white fluffy stuff, it looks like December, not October. There are downed trees everywhere in town.  The leaves had not even changed or fallen yet. We lost one big branch on one of our trees but the rest survived when I got some of the snow off of them. Then we had another distaster, something fell into our chimney while we had a fire going and the house filled with smoke.  I wasn't home.  Dave had to pull the on fire logs out and put into the ash bucket and take outside. It took 2 trips. We also lost power at that time.  We have power back but the house still smells like smoke. We have all the doors and windows open and its really cold outside so I am down the basement where its warm.  I hope we'll be able to close it all open soon,  Last night the smoke really burned my eyes.  Not a fun day.

Some more pages from the graffiti journal.  I printed out a Sunday Sketch for this page.

Here I was talking about the rain, that was early in the week.

I got some Utah peaches, don't they look yummy. In my town enterprising folks drive down to Utah near the prime peach growing area and bring up peaches to sell here.  They are just picked so you can't beat that. I am making some pie with some of them. Do you want a piece?


  1. No, not the "S" word! I am thinking we might get some here very soon too. So did you discover what it was that fell into your chimney, was it a piece of the chimney itself? Yikes, I am glad someone was home at least.
    I love your journal pages for your graffiti journal, really pretty drawing on the first one.
    I would love a piece of peach pie! I have never had one before!
    Hugs and blessings

  2. How strange that you have fresh Utah peaches and snow at the same time! I'd love a piece of pie....I'll be right over!

    I hope you were able to air out the house. Sounds like you had a very eventful day!!

  3. Crazy weather! We had the 3rd hottest day of the year last weekend - but now we're pulling out the woollies!!

  4. I love peach pie. Yum. Wow, crazy snow! I saw on tv there was early snow in Sacremento and in Nevada. Here, it is warm but not exactly balmy. Breezy but I can feel a coolness in the air. Your snow, still, is beautiful! So is your art, Ms. Kate!


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