Wednesday, October 12, 2011

While watching Fran Riley's video for The Worlds Biggest Summit yesterday I saw this other video of hers. She has some amazing things in her house. Just wait till you see the bathtub.

As an exercise for some coaching I am doing I painted what my creativity looks like.  I saw it as a swirling ball of red and orange and purple, with tingly waves cascading out from a circle.  I left little swirly spots in the center to represent all those new ideas that have not come to light yet.  I made this on an 11 X 14 canvas board using Panpastels.

Here are a few more pages from my fall journal.  I had to record the snow event we had.

This is all about taking walks in the Fall. Something that I really enjoy doing,

We attended the Occupy Idaho Falls rally on Friday night. We had a good turnout, there were 150 people which may not seem like much. Other rally's I have attended only had about 30 people, so this was a lot bigger. There were speakers and then we walked along the Greenbelt to the Broadway Bridge and cheered. It was great being in solidarity with all the other groups around the country.


  1. That bathtub in the video is gorgeous! I wonder how long it took her to do all those tiles?

    I like all the journal pages but the last one really caught my eye. I've been watching all the "Occupy" news. I haven't seen of anything around where we live but down in L.A. they have done quite a bit. I support the idea. We all need to stand together against all the corporate greed.

  2. It's funny...I don't even know who Fran is, and I found myself really enjoying having a peek around her house! Thanks for sharing the video.

  3. Your Fall Journal is looking, fabulous!!


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