Monday, August 19, 2013

Challenging Yourself With Your Art

One of the things that taking courses with Connie Hozvicka taught me is that I can paint anything.  It doesn't have to perfect.  I always wanted to paint or draw my sheep but never really got the nerve to try. This is the first attempt and painting my favorite sheep Gabrielle.  Its not a true representation of her but it looks like a sheep and reminds me of her so that is all it needs to be. I used an old photograph as my reference photo. This is on an 8 x 8 gallery wrapped canvas. I am encouraged by this. I think that it would be fun to do a series of 3 or 4 of these, all the same size canvas but of the different sheep I've owned.

I often find it easy to work in my art journal or participate in small swaps or other similar things with groups. When I do this though it doesn't seem like I stretch much as an artist.  I am trying to break out of this habit.  I have a few more ideas in the works, I've started another painting that is long and narrow. I am using the size of the canvas as a challenge in itself. I initially thought I would paint something horizontal but now decided to turn the canvas and put a long figure on it.  It will be fun and expanding at the same time.

Do you easily try new things in your own art? Or do you have to push yourself to take that next step.  Tell me in the comments, I'd love to hear your experiences.

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  1. Gabrielle looks great! I love that you are always challenging yourself to step outside your comfort zone.

    I sometimes try new things with ease but other times I get stuck in a rut and find it hard to break free. And there are times when I want to try so many new things I don't know where to start!


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