Friday, August 9, 2013

Link Love - August 9

I woke up this morning realized I never posted my blog for today. I had one started and went to do the finishing touches on it when I discovered that the folks over at Link Love changed the rules.  You are supposed to post about 5 favorite topics.  I don't have the time to re-do my post so it will just have to do.  My links seem to cover three things that interest me though.

My first topic would be monoprinting or gelli plate printing is a favorite as you know I post tutorials a lot. These three have some awesome ideas that you will love.

Wipe Out Monoprinting  this one from GelliArts shows using those Princeton Catalyst tools to make some great patterns.

gelatin printing Linda Germain does some amazing thinks with prints.  You are going to want to look at a lot of her posts.  I loved what she did with silhouettes.

gelli plate tools MaryAnn shows you a multitude of ways to make tools to use in monoprinting, she has some great ideas.

Another topic I like is DIY, using what you have and recycling materials.  So this next one fits that bill.  Its how to make your own watercolor paints.  Home made watercolor paints

Another favorite is using materials in different ways. Alisa Burke's post is perfect for that.  I hadn't thought of using stamps in that way before.  stamp-rubbings 

You can see what others are posting over at Craftypod.


  1. I have become addicted as well. Love the gelli plate. But my 6x6 is too small. Am looking to make a bigger one.
    Love all the links you provided! I can see I'll be lost for a while in them!

  2. Great links, now you've got me thinking ot he gelli plate again. Wish I could buy it locally.

  3. I love Linda Germain's work, too. Thank you so much for sharing your favorites!

  4. I haven't tried gelli plates yet, till a little intimidated by them. I was inspired by the stamp rubbing. I am going to try the white crayon and watercolors. I am wondering how to get the crayon off the stamp. Thank you for sharing your links.


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