Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Insomnia Art

Early morning insomnia led to creating this page.  I started with a circle to make a mandala and just kept on going.  This was fun although it felt limiting with the rectangular page.  The center is oil pastel and the outer is acrylic paint.

I don't know about you but I am constantly reorganizing my art supplies/ Always looking for a storage solution that will work the best.  I found these great plastic containers the other day at TJ Maxx. They are made in New Zealand and they are great for storing art supplies. The plastic pieces fold down and the cover comes off.  Just the right size for water color crayons or oil pastels.  I bought 4 of them which was all they had.  Now I am on the search for more.  I ordered some from Amazon thinking they were a similar size but I was way off.  So I sent them back, now I will just see if I can find them at another store. The top one is thin and a really good size for the kind of things I want to store.  I hope I find some more soon. They are really great.


  1. I "try" reorganizing, but usually they are just everywhere on my table!

  2. Thinking about you a lot, Sweetie. Hope you're doing ok. How's your class going? You loving it?
    Looks like we are moving to FLOrida. Six months or less. Happy but sad. Missing my family already! Promise you will come swim in the ocean with me?
    Sending big squishy hugs. I love you brilliant girl!

  3. I seem to re-organize my art supplies constantly. I like those nifty containers. Hope you are able to find more.


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