Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Self Care

As I mentioned in an earlier post I chose Self Care for my word of the year.  Like I did last year I ordered a necklace from Liz Lamoreaux with the word hand stamped on it. I find wearing the word is a pretty powerful statement to the universe. It reminds me every time I see it just what my focus is.

I received this years necklace yesterday.  The stone is my birthstone an amethyst, I found this really hard to photograph. Now that my necklace arrived the year seems cemented in what I will do.

So far this year Self Care has been sort of a mindset. When I find that life gets a little crazy I step back and think no, you don't want to go there.  You're doing self care this year.  The result usually means I stop what I am doing.  I get off the hamster wheel and take a bath or have a nap and just sit in silence or any of the other ways that self care reveals itself to me.  Its a process of discovering how important it is for me, to put me first. What a journey this year is going to be.  I know I am going to learn a lot about myself with this word.

How do you bring self care into your life?

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  1. Nice gift to yourself, Kate ! I am working on improving my self-care too. Sometimes that means putting my own needs first in spite of wanting to be there for someone else. And yes, those moments sitting in silence with my self...ah...
    Sending love !


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