Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Sketches

The hubby and I headed down to Pocatello a town an hour from here to have a Valentine lunch. We headed to McKenzie River Pizza Co.  They are building one in Idaho Falls but it taking forever to open.  So we headed south to go to the one that has just been built there. We became fans when our daughter was going to school in Montana. You can't get a good pizza around here so I was so excited when I heard they were going to build a location here.

While waiting for our food.  I drew this woman in a small notebook I carry in my purse.

Then I put some watercolor on her.

Here is the pizza I had. Alfredo sauce, spinach, fresh tomato and chicken, it was so good.

They gave us a free dessert, that is red velvet cake with creame inside.  Its too bad I had to share.

Afterwards I spent the night with an old favorite.  That's Humphrey Bogart with the Maltese Falcon.  Actually my cinema group met at my house for a showing of the 1941 classic. I love vintage films and this is one of the best. I watched this so many times as a kid with my parents, it reminded me of them so much. Good memories and fun times.

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  1. A really interesting sketch. I like it. The food looks yummy!

  2. Love your sketch and the colours..You can't beat the classic... :)

  3. love your sketch today, the colors are really bright and pretty! xo

  4. Lovely sketch while you waited of pizza and yummy desert ~ and you film group sounds wonderful ~ happy week to you ~ ^_^

    carol and artmusedog

  5. You look very pensive in this self portrait, Kate! Yes, I still see YOU in all the beautiful women you draw! Happy V day!

  6. She's very lovely, Kate. I love the detail of her hair. And the food looks yummy! :)


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