Monday, July 7, 2014

Finding My Way Back To Making Art

I slowly am getting back to normal. Coming back from an overseas trip involves lots of adjustments.First getting used to a very different world again, catching up on sleep and discovering that you have a million things to do.  I was gone 23 days so I have a lot of catch up to do. I really missed my studio but haven't managed to spend too much time there yet.  Too many things pulling me away.

After seeing this book on another blog, I felt like it would be fun to have. It doesn't tell you how to draw a tree but does have some nice examples along with a lot of other items from nature.

So far I tried out some mushroom and one of the trees.  I think it will be fun to play with in the remaining pages of my small moleskine.

This is a face I did on my trip, I was taking the ferry back to Ireland.  I needed something to pass the time.

Then I did this one as a response to my friend Claire, who had asked if I ever did women with short hair. Here is one just for you Claire.

This is an art journal page, my first in a long time.  I am delighted how it turned out since it was really ugly in the beginning.  Just reinforces the idea to keep at it, you don't know where the page might take you.


I decided to sign up for sketchbook skool at the last minute.  I love Danny Gregory's work and all the other artists who taught in semester one.  I am so glad they offered it again. Sketching is something that I really want to improve upon so this class seemed perfect.  Its called Beginnings.

This is my first page.  we were to draw someting that had meaning for us.  Its an excellent class and you can still sign up.


  1. Sketchbook School sounds interesting...I am going to check it out. I love the art journal page you did. It is mystical and reminds me a bit of Ireland.

  2. It must be a huge adjustment coming home but I'm happy to have you back. I thoroughly enjoyed your photos and posts while you were gone. I feel like I made the trip with you!
    I love the journal page! The colors are great and it has a mystical look to it.

  3. Knew I needed to visit when we finally got internet back after several days without TV, phone and internet (still iffy connection, though...)!!! Love your short-haired gal - she has a lovely, thoughtful face:) LOVE your AJ page - gorgeous colours and love the figure in the forest... I keep seeing that book too - love your mushrooms :)
    Hope you're getting back to your regular routine - my beautiful cloth's keeping my bare ankles warm as I type :)


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