Wednesday, July 30, 2014

More Sketching

I've been continuing to do sketches from every day life. They are not perfect but then that is ok. I am just trying to capture a memory. This is out at Market Lake.

This was some random things while having lunch.  I didn't get the proportions right but it was still fun.

I sat in the car and drew a business, then I added color to it later.  Its amazing how if you add a little color that a drawing starts to look a whole lot better than you thought it was.

Went out in the backyard on Sunday and saw this.

This is a young Swainson's hawk that was born in one our pine trees.  He was checking out the neighborhood.

I was able to get quite close to him before he flew away.   What a beauty he or she is.

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  1. Like that you are capturing little slices of life in your sketches.
    Love that hawk! So cool to see him so close up!
    Happy Creating, Kate!


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