Friday, July 18, 2014

Finding A Routine

When Sarah was here for a visit she brought me a gift. She had gotten some free samples from Dick Blick.  So I got to try out their studio acrylics.

I uses them in the background of this journal page.  I only had the three primaries and then I used some white Liquitex Basics to blend some colors.  Oh, I really like this paint. Its an equivalent to the the Basics line of Liquitex but it seemed to be a better paint. There was more pigment and it comes in so many more colors.  I'll be getting a supply of them soon.  I like to use the studio grade paints for my fearless painting projects and in my journals too.  

I ordered this when I was in Ireland so I'd have some great reading when I got back home.  Its a riot of color to be sure.  There are many other contributors but it still feels like Tracy's book. She has included a lot of her own personal stories which I like. I feel I know her a little bit more. Many of the exercises I have done before but there is still a lot for me in this book.  I am about half the way through the book and am enjoying it. Tracy is one of the presenters for Spectrum this month. So I have gotten to see her on video as well as in print. That's a plus in my book.

I have been having a little difficulty getting back into the swing of things with my art.  I've done a few pages in my journal but not much else.  So many things seem to be pulling me away.  Ive been watching videos from the Spectrum months I missed.  Now making the time to do some artwork has been harder. My computer has been in the shop to get a new battery and now that its back I feel like I am playing catch up. I have been having fun sketching but I'll leave that for the next post.  My writing coaching group that I am a part of is going to be taking a lot of my time. So the blog is going to be suffering a little but stay with me.  Soon I'll be back to a regular schedule again. Finding a routine that will work for my art and writing time is my goal for this coming week. It might end up that there really is no routine, that I just need to do it, to forget about schedules and plans and go with the flow.

I've been reading Neil Gaiman's American Gods.  Have you read anything fun and enjoyable this summer?


  1. Just rediscovered your blog- delightful art and thoughts as I am also having problems getting a routine this summer.
    Love Neil Gaiman and right now I am reading Spindles End by Robin McKinley

  2. My routine is non-existent at the moment! I'm all over the place and I don't like it.

    Thanks for the info on the paints. I'm always looking for good supplies. I made a note of these and will order some next time. I also have Paint Mojo but haven't been able to spend much time with it yet. Just leafing through it looks like fun.


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