Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Checking In

This small post is coming to you from my iPod. It is something I can easily hold in bed. My surgery went well and convalescing is going slow as I expected. I have read the entire issue of Art Journaling, an issue of O, most of the issue of MAry Jane's Farm and am now reading Brigid of Kildare.

When I feel up to it I will be back with a real post. For now I read and rest most of the time. I am thinking of all of you and am grateful for your thoughts and prayers.



  1. It's so good to hear from you. I miss The Queen!

    Get lots of rest and take good care of yourself. You are missed but we'll wait until you feel stronger.

  2. Go slow to go fast as my momma says, lovely Kate. You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday as you keep all that energy on the healing.
    Big Love to you !

  3. Sending you healing light and a big heart wrapped around you.

  4. So good to hear directly from you. Do be gentle with yourself. Nice to get all that reading in. Hope you are not hurting too much and that medicines help if you are.
    Hugs, gentle hugs from me.

  5. Yay for doing so well! Continue to listen to what your body needs and give it the rest it requires. We will all be here cheering for you when you get back.

  6. Rest up as best you can, Kate....wishing you a fast and full recovery.

  7. It's great to hear from you, Kate. Now is a time to just take in and rest and heal. You'll be renewing your creativity too! Much love, O

  8. Rest is the best thing - take this time for yourself and don't rush things. Sending hugs your way miss Kate!!

  9. bless you for leaving a comment on my blog, dear kate!
    i'd no idea you were in hospital... too long away from bloggerland!
    take great care and 'mommy' yourself :)
    big, gentle hugs xxx

  10. PS
    dear kate, i've added your new blog to my list, so i can feel connected again :) xx

  11. Kate just stopping in again to see if you are better.
    Much love to you...


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