Thursday, August 19, 2010

Little Steps

I need to keep reminding myself that this recovery is a series of little steps. Some days I get down because I can't do much of anything and then other days I realize I have come pretty far.

Today I need to remember that:

*I took my first shower without any assistance.
*I don't have to wear those awful support hose anymore.
*I get dressed every day like a normal person would.
*I can walk further each day.
*I can do a little bit of art if I pace myself.

I did this page last week at a time where I was really enjoying just laying around reading a good book.

On this page I had the background done and then added a copy of a face I had painted previously. Then I got this free download from Carmen Torbus and one of the words was passion so when I added that word the journaling followed.

In some ways its been strange I have wanted to do some art but my heart and soul
have just not been in it. I find I just can't sit there long enough. So to still have my hands in things I went for a couple tags instead. Sorry to say these are not the best pictures. Just don't have the will to go retake them like I normally would.

This one is just a collage and then I layered some distress ink on top. The dots on the paper are raised because I had put them through an embossing folder and through the cuttlebug machine. When I rubbed the stamp pad over the tag just the raised dots took the ink. I like how that came out.

This is just a series of layered things. I layered paper over a tag and then added the plastic flower layer and fabric tape and then the bird seemed to fit in well. Even these little bits of art have been satisfying to do.

What little steps are you taking in your own life? Do you notice that you are doing them, that you are making progress towards a goal?


  1. THANK YOU for commenting on my blog.....I've added your blog to my bloglines.

  2. I think it's amazing that you already are back to doing art. For me, if I'm tired or unwell, it is really hard to "put out" anything---I am in "take in" mode, for example, reading or watching or bringing things into myself as opposed to expressing--if this makes sense!

    I am a "little steps" person and am easily overwhelmed, so I do enjoy doing most everything by starting small and then building confidence.

    Glad to see you back here, Kate, and your art is, as always, beautiful.


  3. So glad to see you doing some "little steps". I remember being so frustrated after I had surgery because I thought that surely I could recover faster than the doctor thought I should. What did he know? Apparently, he knows more than me because it took pretty much as long as he said. Sometimes those "little steps" are pretty dang big, so congratulations on doing them. Love your tags and journal. You're awesome! Keep "little stepping" along!

  4. Love all your art. glad you are healing and each day allows you to stretch even further along that path.

  5. Best wishes to you! Hope your recovery doesn't last too long.

  6. Small steps are just fine. You'll get back into your art when you're ready. I guess your body is just telling you it wants more rest. If you feel like using the time to find some inspiration, I'm having a giveaway on my blog where I've asked all entrants to share their favourite artist - so hopefully some new people to discover....


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