Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Expressing my Creativity

Its cool again today and oh it feels like Fall and I am loving the cool weather. It will probalbly only last a nother day before it gets hot again but oh it feels great today. I got the best nights sleep last night and really feel great this morning.

I haven't done any self portraits in a long time so today seemed like a day to play with that idea once more.

I have my apron on although you can not see it here. I am ready to go paint the bits of my soul that want to come out an play today. Sometimes I think that is what Creativity is, we all just need to put what  is inside us out there in some way.  Some of us paint or quilt or cook or any the millions of other ways we can be creative. For me some days its painting or sewing or weaving and even cooking too.  To just sit is the hardest thing for me to do. Its been a challenge this last month but the bits I am able to do really do help me to heal.  I know without it I would be one crabby person indeed.

This is some fabric I am planning to make a cloak out of. I had Dave put the leaves in our kitchen table so I could cut the pattern out. But now I can't remember where I put the pattern pieces. I took them out to measure them and didn't put them back in the pattern envelope.  Am I the only one who does silly things like this? You would think loose pattern pieces would be easy to find. So I have to put this off for another day. Not to worry as I have plenty other things to spark my interest.

So how will you express yourself creatively today?


  1. No, you're not the only one! I'm constantly misplacing things and then several days later I'll find whatever it was in a spot where I swear I looked before.

    Love the pics of you. I've tried getting a pic of myself but they never come out....I get them blurry or weird parts of me showing or parts cut off. I'm definitely NOT a photographer!!

  2. I can't wait to see your self portrait!
    You look charming in that hat!
    I'm sure the pattern pieces will show up probably gone hiding under something or other.
    I lost my cell phone for a week and finally it decided to go back into the purse I had already looked in ten times for me to find at last.
    I am off to the post office with a package with your name on it! Ta!

  3. Normally, I misplace things (like scissors) then find them right in front of my face. I swear my cats sometimes hide those scissors from me, then bring them back when I stop looking.

    I'm expressing myself with a little dinner party this evening - BBQ chicken, veggies, deviled eggs and cake for dessert. Nothing fancy, but I haven't been cooking much lately and it has felt really good to nest like that today.

    Take care Kate!

  4. glad youre feeling better and yes I agree art is a wonderful way to spend time when healing! speedy recovery!


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