Monday, August 30, 2010

Ups and Downs

This morning I woke up to rain and cool weather. I have not been sleeping well and I am finding myself getting up early which is unusual for me. I had planned to make some shredded beef in the crock pot today and was out of some of the things I needed so I knew a trip to the store was in order. So I hopped out of bed and decided I would do one other thing I had been planning but just have not done yet. I took my gym bag and went the the club.. They have a warm therapy pool that is nice to just sit in. I figured to walk in the pool and just enjoy the warm water. It felt really good I am glad I went.

I came home and made the beef and took out the blackberries I had bought on Saturday and made 8 jars of freezer jam. Of course now I am pretty tired and don't have much oompf.

I have tended to over do it lately and am suffering for it today. Healing is such a long process and so frustrating at times. I was hoping to show a bunch of art today but alas what I hope to accomplish and what I end up doing are often miles apart.

I had this tag and it was already colored with some of Tim Holtz Distress ink and then I added a little face on it. I have been inspired by my friend Mystele. She is always saying that you have to play. I have tags and coaster and a slew of small inexpensive canvasses that I plan to paint faces on.

This was a coaster that I got at Chili's. Its pretty small. I found another pack of coasters at Michaels, 8 in a package for a dollar. Those ones are bigger and I have primed them and done backgrounds on some of them but no faces yet. I figure I will play with all these small items and when I am finished I should be able to see improvement.  I want to try all sort of different things with them, I think it will be fun to see them all together when I am done. I am also finding small projects easier to accomplish. 
What are you creating today?


  1. The warm pool sounds like it would be great. We, too, are having much cooler weather here.

    I think it sounds like you accomplished quite a lot! Maybe not as much painting as you'd like but making blackberry jam is pretty important!

    The faces you did are so cool. We must be thinking alike because I did a face, too.

  2. Small is good especially when moving around isn't all that comfortable yet. So good choice Kate! I love your faces on these little spaces.

    I copied photos to TAP and tore muslin for photo album fabric books for my grandkids sixth birthdays next month. Got photos cut out and laid out.
    Also laid out more fabric for another fabric pocket book. But sewing machine is giving me tension problems all of a sudden. Can't seem to fix it. Hope it decides to work soon.

  3. Good to see you Kate, and glad you're sleeping well. I'm not creating much lately, but I love to see what you're doing. I hope to get to some time for art later in the week. Anyway, great to see you, xoO

  4. i love the idea of painting on coasters! enjoy "playing". your faces are beautiful. and don't forget to take a good, long nap each day to help you heal.

  5. Well duh me! I had a package of tags and figured I would never use them, so last week I was "cleaning out" and guess what I did with them. Yep! Well, I think I have some more somewhere that I haven't cleaned yet. Another fun thing you might like. Use the free paint sticks you get from the paint store, gesso and paint faces and clothes on them. Glue a magnet on the back and you can put on fridge. I did a butler and a maid once for my kitchen. Now, where did I put them???? I need some cooking and cleaning done.

    That rich purple fabric is gorgeous.


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