Saturday, June 2, 2012

Grateful Heart

This page popped out this morning.  The only art I have done all week.  My creative pursuits have been focused on other forms like weaving and gardening. Last night I attended a Native American Pipe Ceremony.  There is one held monthly at a spiritual center in town.  A woman named Bright Owl comes down from her ranch in Moore Idaho to hold the ceremony. It is such a gift to be able to take part.  I like  to go when I can.  Last night it was all about gratitude, one of my favorite things. It was a close intimate sharing with about twenty people.  I am still filled with all the good wishes.  I think that is why this page came out today.

I made the background with Inktense blocks awhile ago. So as I sat looking at the beautiful colors I decided to try something different.  She is drawn in charcoal and embellished with chalk pastels. I added several layers with stamping.  The flowers were drawn with charcoal and filled in with pastel. I used white gel pen for the eyes and a china marker for the circles. Then I finished it by spraying a fixative on the piece.  There is too much smearing if you don't do that.  I used hair spray, it works great. The words say "A thankful heart is a grateful heart."

I am not the best gardener by anyone standard but I do love my garden anyways. I have more weeds than flowers. I went out to tackle some of it today and found these.

I had planted some this spring but I don't think they made it. Then I noticed some that were a transplant from a friend that I planted last summer and they came up. Oh Was I excited. Anytime a plant comes back I see it as such a gift. Life renewed is such a joy to see. I am especially happy about the Lily of the Valley's though. I have tried planting them before with no success. They are the one flower from my childhood that I had not been able to grow. Its a bit of my mom coming back to me. We had a big patch of lily of the valleys on the side of the house. Now I can see I will finally be seeing them at my own place. A simple thing that really brings back memories.


  1. We must be thinking alike today because I'm working in my art journal with pinks and oranges, too! I like your girl...she has such a sweet smile.

    My grandma had lily of the valley in her yard. I haven't seen any since then. Lucky you to be able to grow them.

  2. I love Lily of the valley. It grows here so well. It is good that you are ready to play...Have fun, Mary

  3. Wonderful topics, gardening and art journaling. I personally have a passion for both! :]
    Both are relaxing... good old fashion therapy, working with your hands.
    I really like the colors you choose to work on this page, she "looks" grateful. Nice work, Kate.


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