Friday, June 1, 2012

Progress On Several Fronts

Remember when I showed this. Our fireplace and insert that we demolished.

This is the new stove, wall and hearth. We still have to put paneling back up but that should happen today.  I am really looking forward to being warm this winter. Later this summer we will be replacing the carpet and plans are to take down the old paneling and drywall, replace them and paint the wall. Dave is having surgery on his hand  next week so those improvements will have to wait a couple months.  I do love looking at my new stove and hearth though.

I have been working on getting the loom threaded and this blanket woven.  I really like how its turning out.


  1. Congrats on new stove. Nice fall color combo on blanket. Look forward to seeing it when it's finished, especially the edging.

  2. The new stove looks great and I'm sure it will be welcome during the winter months. There's nothing quite like a wood fire to make things feel cozy and safe.

    The blanket is starting to come alive with the pattern. It's going to be beautiful...something else to keep you warm!


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