Friday, June 15, 2012

Still Weaving

I have been spending my time at the loom this week. The old loom is not working yet. So I continue to work on the blanket I showed before.  I also got my Baby Wolf loom threaded with a new project. I just love the water like colors, they are definitely me.

This is some fabric I am weaving for a kimono style top. It is silk that I dyed in three different sections. I wound the warp chains first and then painted the dye onto the yarn. Then it was steamed to set the dye.  The weft or horizontal thread that I am using is sewing thread. It does not get any smaller than that.

This is what is called a warp faced fabric. It is closely set so you don't see the weft thread. The colors look better in real life.  It is mostly turquoise and teal with some blue and purple added in.  The color will change throughout the warp.  It is going to be fun and fascinating to use this fabric when its completed.

New Local Classes

I've also been working on getting a series of classes ready to teach in July.  If you are anywhere near me be sure to check them out on my website  I am really excited about doing them, they are going to be so much fun and life changing too.

Laughter Meditation

I went to a laughter meditation last night led by my friend Anne. She is my laughter yoga instructor and just the most fabulous person.  In laughter meditation we laugh for ten minutes and then lie down in silence for ten minutes and then share our experiences.  It is quite wonderful because after the laughter it is easier to slip into meditation without that monkey mind going every which way. It lends itself to a deeper meditation and feels fabulous.  Laughter Yoga is really great, check it out on the net and you may find a laughter group right in your own area.


  1. Kate, the colors in that fabric remind me of the ocean...beautiful!

    I've never heard of a laughter meditation but it sounds interesting and it makes sense. I'll see if we have anything like that around here.

  2. Kate, the fabric has such beautiful colors! :]
    Laughter meditation, sounds interesting...


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