Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Doodling After Midnight

Recently I used my tax return to get a couple things from Dick Blick. I tend to make wish lists on that site and when I have the money I go through the list of wants and I choose something.

After taking Misty's Face to Face class I really felt like I needed a drawing board for my easel.  I had tried cardboard and foam core board but both were unsatisfactory. This was the one she recommended. Considering it is made of wood, it is really light.

I added a few new colors to the InkTense pencil set I have.

Then I wanted to try some of these new Catalyst Polytip Brushes that I heard about on Julie Balzer's blog. They are supposed to take a lot of abuse and my smaller brushes are quite a mess. I have debated just tossing them. These new ones look like plastic but I haven't tried them out yet.

Yesterday was a frustrating day so I found myself doodling late at night with my Lamy Safari Fountain Pen.  I am really loving that pen.  I am thinking I might have to get another one, this time with an extra fine nib. When I got it I made a big mistake of putting India Ink in it.  It ruined it and I ended up sending it in for repair.  I am using Noodlers Brand Ink with it and it works fabulous now.


  1. Hi Kate...thanks for the tips about all these art supplies. I didn't know about the drawing board. Do you paint on it or fasten your watercolor paper, etc., on it? I definitely want to find out more about those poly brushes.

    1. Mary

      I tape paper to the board to be able to draw or paint on the easel. I tried one of the brushes and I really like how they hold the paint and cleanup is a breeze.


  2. New art supplies always make me happy and you got some good ones. I should make a wish list at Dick Blick.

    I like the doodle...just bits and pieces and whatever you think of to draw. Fun!!


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