Thursday, May 2, 2013

Revisiting My Word of The Year

Remember back in January when we all chose a word for the year? I have done this several years in a row and in most cases after about 4 or five months I have forgotten about what this word is.  It is not in my focus and so I lose what work I could have done with it.  I talk about it in this post. When I chose my word this year I decided that I was not going to do that. My idea was to revisit the word maybe every 3-4 months.  Well now we are into May so its past time to take a look at it again.

My word this year is DEEP. I chose the word for several reasons which I talk about in this post. So have I thought about my word every day, not really. I wanted to be more present for it.  I had a necklace made with the word deep on it. I have found that to really help keep the word front and center in my mind.

One other thing I have done before is to paint the word and hang it up where I can see i everyday.  I find visuals to be very helpful for me and you might too.  I had 4 tiny inexpensive canvasses that I thought I would use to spell my word. I used left over paints from my palette to begin. I thought I would do these great stylized letters making them all perfect and beautiful. What this really meant is that I ended up delaying doing the project. At the rate I was going I might be finished by December so I had to change tactics. I let go of the perfection and decided I just needed to get the word done and up on the wall.  So I grabbed a copic marker and just wrote a simple letter on each canvas and tacked them on the wall.  There it was simple and it was done. Do you ever find you make a big production out of something. As Artists we make everything a work of art and that is ok but sometime we just need to make it simple and functional and stop trying to make it perfect.

The other thing I am doing is pulling out my 2013 workbook and revisiting it also. I am always gung ho about it in January but then I lose that emphasis.  I had to decided to re-look at this several times a year.  I want to revisit my goals and ideas, see where I have come from and where I want to go.  Even if you didn't do this in January I highly recommend it now. (Its available in my sidebar). Or if you have the workbook pull it out again and have a look. Now is a great time to re-evaluate how you want your year to unfold.

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