Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Faces Postcards Swap

All last week I had the stomach flu along with the bronchitis.  I am starting to feel a little bit better which is great because this being sick is getting old. I have lots of art to share.

I started out making collage backgrounds for some post card exchanges I am involved in. First I played with some neutrals.

Then some yellows and gold. I liked these so much it was hard to cover them, but that that was the plan.

The textured background was giving me fits on this face.

This one was done on a plain background.

Can you see what backgrounds these were done on?  Sometimes the whole background get covered up.

The following are the cards I have gotten.

Three are from the US and the first one is from Sweden. I love them all.


  1. BEAUTIFUL... simply fantastic work!!

    ** great talent is being delivered in mailboxes. :]
    "HAPPY MAIL-ART" love it Kate, thank you for sharing... ~xx

  2. You've been having a time of it! I hope you feel better soon. At least you're still feeling creative...I like all the postcards you made as well as the ones you've received. There must be a lot of happy mailboxes around the world!!


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