Monday, April 8, 2013

I Am In Love

I think I am in love, in love with a pair of scissors. The other day I used my Michaels coupon to buy these scissors.

I know people who have talked about how sharp their Cutterbee scissors were but I had no idea how wonderful they are.  The Honeybee is similar, the only difference I could discern is that these ones have non stick blades.  They cut out collage images like a breeze.  Yes, I have other scissors and they are small like this but they are nothing like these.  Do yourself a favor and get yourself a pair.  They are amazing, you'll soon wonder how you ever cut paper before you had them.

I haven't worked in my art journal for awhile. Most of the pages I have done have been had been backgrounds. They stayed that way for a really long time. It feels good to finally put something on all those backgrounds.

Some of these pages were created organically, by that I mean I had no initial plan and once I was able to let go and let it flow they came together easily. Often I have this great background and I don't know what to do next. It is like I have put a barrier between myself and the page. When I am able to create from a free-er perspective the images that I end up choosing seem easier to find and then the next thing comes quickly too and before I know it a page has come together in a most satisfying way. The other thing I constantly have to tell myself, is that it is ok to cover things up, it leads you to the next step to that gem waiting for you.

Do you find that you hold yourself back, or are you always willing to take the next step?


  1. I have had those scissors for quite some time including the large size. They really are fantastic!!

    1. There's a large size, oh I must find them too.

  2. I love my Cutterbees, too! I have the non-stick and the regular. They're the only scissors I use when I'm cutting paper.

    Your journal pages look so cool. I'm like you...I like making backgrounds and then don't know what to do with them. I need to just let go and cover them up sometimes.

  3. I got some Cutterbee scissors last summer, and I adore them! I bought them in the first place because of the size and because they came with a tip guard. I had no idea how wonderful they were for cutting out those tight, tricky shapes for collages. I think I'm going to need a pair of these with the non-stick blades, too.


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