Sunday, April 21, 2013

In My Art Journal

I am still not feeling good. I went back to the Doctors and they sent me to the hospital immediately. They thought I might have a blood clot in my lung. So I had blood work and a cat scan done. Luckily I did not have a blood clot. That was pretty scary for a little while. I am feeling a little bit better but not much. I can sit in my studio and do a little bit of work. So I tackled some of the numerous backgrounds I have created.

I may add some words or journaling to this later, it doesn't feel quite done. I often find collage work cathartic and frustrating at the same time. Frustrating because I can't find what will work and cathartic in the sense that playing with miscellaneous bits of paper and images and making something new out of them is very satisfying.

After I finished this two page spread I found it humorous that I chose those words. Feeling good was not what I have been experiencing. I hope that is broadcasting my near future because I am so tired of being sick.

I added s postcard to this page. I initially made it to exchange with the new art friends I made in Misty Mawn's Face to Face class.  It was a little small in compared to what others are sending and I didn't like the way the face turne out but I think that she looks nice on this page.

In doing all this collage I ended up reorganizing my papers.  I have paper in drawers by color and then a drawer for new papers.  I decided to go through the new paper drawer and separate the colors and add them to the colored drawers.  So now all my blues are together even the big uncut sheets.  I think this will let me use my stash more efficiently. I think a reorganization of a studio has to happen often. I find it best to make the things I use often more accessible or I forget about them.

I continue to draw in my sketchbook daily but I think that I will do a journal flip at the end of the month. That way you can see the whole thing at once.

Have you been doing anything fun this week?


  1. My beloved had blood clots a couple of years ago so that must have been very scary for you. I am so relieved they didn't find them, but I imagine it is still frustrating to not know what exactly is wrong, and conversely how to 'fix' it!

    Sending you healing vibes and love. Love the work you have done on the pages.

    1. Thanks Natasha, it sound like you have experience with this. I had a brother who died after heart surgery and he had many blood clots. So I am happy that I do not have this problem. Just taking it easy while I heal.

  2. that had to be scary!!!! You take your time with blogging, just get well. Big Hugs, Mary

    1. Thanks Mary and yes it was scary especially when they sent me home with no results and I had to wait to hear from my doctor.

  3. So sorry to hear that you have not been feeling well. I have not been visiting in a long time. I have been sick for a few months now and not very active online.
    I pray you are feeling better soon. I love your journal pages.
    Hugs and blessings

  4. You have really had it this year, Kate, haven't you, I'm so sorry. It amazes me that you continue to produce so much art despite feeling so poorly. I hope that you hear soon what was wrong and are well quickly. God bless you, Kate, xoO

  5. That must have been so scary at the hospital! I'm glad it wasn't a blood clot and I hope you feel better soon. You've really been having a tough time of it lately.

    I like what you've been doing with collages. And doesn't it feel great when you have all your papers organized! My problem is keeping them that way when I get busy making stuff!

  6. Kate, wishing you "get well soon!" thoughts and prayers... ~xx

    ** great work. Love seeing your journal pages, fantastic collages.
    The "tip-in" postcard, perfect... lovely to see. :]

  7. I am back home now, from taking care of my Mom. It feels good to be home and to reconnect with my studio and my toys.
    I am glad you did not have more serious issues but so sorry you are not feeling better. Maybe some good doses of Vitamin D ?
    Sending hugs !


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