Friday, April 5, 2013

Poppies, Feathers and Dominoes

I have been working in a Pan Pastel class that I took from Donna Downey. More exercises to come.  I do love these classes of hers.


This was a feather for a prompt in the sketchbook challenge I am doing.

Game pieces prompt.  Not feeling to well today so this is pretty simple. Rain is now coming down it looks like the day is turning dark and dreary. Time to watch some art videos.

I am taking Julie Fan-Fei Balzer's little class on gesso. Since I have been using it for years you would think it was one I would skip. I heard she was covering spray gesso and clear gesso which are two products I bought and rarely use. I figured it was time I figured out how to use them.  I have learned a lot about gesso I didn't know. Like all the different kinds, when to use which one and how to tint.  The class is fun so far. Ok off to watch another video.


  1. A dark, rainy day is perfect for watching art videos. I, too, have taken some of Julie Balzer's mini classes and have enjoyed them. I always learn something from her.

    I still haven't tried the pan pastels though.

    1. Janet,

      Thanks, I love Julie, she is so inspiring. She never stays in the same place, she is always growing as an artist. I love that.


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