Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The End Of A Journey

This was what I started with on week 1.

This is the finished painting.  It is painted on Bristol Vellum paper and measures 34 X 60. I really am loving it.

I love how these prayer flags came out.  Sometimes such a simple view or a part of a painting can be such a delight.  In DEEP we were encouraged to take photos like these.  I have done this before and really like the idea. I think this will be something I do more often from now on.

This little vine I painted is another little spot that makes me smile.

The journey with this painting over this long period taught me a few things. Often I did not like the painting, did not know what was coming next. I was able to able to let go of any preconceived notions of what it had to be and let it become what it was supposed to be. That involved a lot of letting go.  I had never painted a dog before or sheep.  It taught me that I could do those things and it wasn't that big a of a deal.  Now I realize I can paint anything I want. I feel less limitation than before I started. I learned to follow my intuition with the painting. Painting can be a metaphor for life. All the things I learned with this painting can be transferred to everyday life. Letting go, listening to my intuition, feeling less limitation in life are all good things.  I am so grateful that I went on this journey.

 I've a little confession to make. I hide my art. I have some on the walls but its all in the basement, in my studio or office.  People who come over never see anything I have painted unless they go downstairs. I have decided it is time to change that. I have taken this painting and tacked up on a wall upstairs.  Its the first thing someone will see when they walk in my front door. Now that is a statement. The first of many.  I think taking BIG and DEEP is about painting but its about bravery too.


  1. I love it. LOVE it. Those prayer flags are magnificent.

  2. A favorite quote: "A painting is never finished it just stops in interesting places." If you don't like it keep working on it. Yours has come together very nicely Kate. Letting go really works.

  3. I love it!! And good for you for putting it where everyone will see it. It should be shown. It's who you are!

  4. I am so happy that you are putting your work where people can see it. I know that they will love it!


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