Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Using A Sketchbook Again

Many of you know that google reader is going away.  I have used Net News Wire which is only for the Mac and Bloglovin which I think works for both systems.  I am sure there are others out there.  Lately I have just been putting all the blogs I read in my link list and just go to them from my own blog. It doesn't tell you about updates so that won't work for everyone.  If you've found an awesome reader please share.

My journal is full of backgrounds and often I don't know what to do with them. The backgrounds are so beautiful I think simple is best.

This page started with a spray ink background with the birch trees stencil.  I added decorate tissue around it and then some images. I am not sure if this is done yet.

This was painted newspaper. I saw this turtle and butterfly in my stash and loved it on this paper.

Another shot at the painting, I am sure you are getting tired of seeing this.   I promise the next pic will be the last.  I added the tree, made the square stones round and covered up the barn. I am not sure what I will add in that green area, more animals, flowers, my hammock nothing seems right yet so I will sit with it for awhile.

For awhile I have been toying with the idea of doing a sketchbook again.  Inspired by my friend Lynn's book, "One fish taco and a half an order of guacomole" I thought of drawing in public again and trying people this time. About all I did was think about it though. I am in a group on Facebook with April Cole and they are going to do a sketchbook challenge in April. So I thought I might take part. There is nothing like a challenge to get you moving to do something you keep thinking about. Then my friend Connie did this post on her sketchbook and I took the plunge. I had a book I got at Hobby Lobby last fall that is perfect.  Its like a moleskine with sketchbook paper, it opens flat has a pocket and all that jazz.  So I decided not to wait till April and begin now.  I am using pen like Connie suggests, these are rough drawings, just a part of my day.

What was on my messy desk was my first sketch.

The next day it was my mug at a coffeeshop and a quick sketch of my kitty sitting on my lap.

A kitty again and some scenes from my yard that I might eventually add to a painting. I am really enjoying doing these simple sketches.  Maybe its time you picked up a sketchbook again.  Why don't you join me and share bits of your sketchbook too!


  1. Have you tried sketching you cat for longer than 5 minutes? I have. I never knew a cat moved so much, even sleeping until I did! I have my sketchbook ready for the challenge. It had 100 pages in it, but over the years, I've torn out some. Now I'm down to 32 pages, so I have to wait a few more days to start! Love your sketches! I'll be using a pencil, because that's how I learned!

  2. Wonderful post, Kate!! :)
    Great information, thank you for sharing your thoughts & your process!!
    Terrific sketchbook pages, can not wait to see more... Very inspiring!! ~xx

  3. I am not tired of your painting, Kate! YOU might be, but I'm betting your readers are not :) xoO

  4. I'm giving Feedly a try. It's okay. I was just so used to Google Reader that anything else seems clunky.

    Keep showing your painting! I like seeing how you progress through it. And I don't think I've mentioned it but I like your new header. Keep on sketching!!

  5. Kate!!! Your sketchbook is super cool! I love it!! BIG BIG Hugs!


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