Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Another Portrait

This drawing is on vellum bristol using a 2B pencil. One more exercise in my drawing class.  I was not happy with the nose, I have the hardest time with that part of the body/

I've been playing with backgrounds but they are in various stages of incompletions, so I will wait to post them later

The latest changes in my 6 week painting.  I worked on the area behind Flynn, first time painting sheep.  I like the brown one, he looks sort of whimsical.


  1. I like how your painting is coming along, Kate. it is more complex than what you usually do. I also like your new face, xoO

  2. I like this portrait a lot, Kate. Especially the eyes.
    Happy Creating !

  3. Your portrait is really good. I also have trouble doing noses. I can't ever seem to get them right.

    I like the sheep playing behind Flynn. I seldom try to paint animals. Maybe I should try one of these days.


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