Wednesday, March 6, 2013

In The Art Journal

I have been in the studio all week, I've carved some stamps, burned some new stencils, worked on my Fearless Painting course work but I have not made anything to share. So I needed to remedy that.

In my art journal today.  I began with filling the page with tape. I thought I could use up all the tape I have but alas I will have to do several more pages to do that. I have this paper house stencil that I made for a class I am taking. So I grabbed it and made the houses on the page. First gesso and some paint was added to mute the background. This was the most fun page I have done in a long time.  Just pure play.

I have been trying to clean up my studio because I bought this.

It is called the Saint Remy and is due to arrive tomorrow. I have been wanting a big easel to do my fearless painting on. It can hold pretty big canvasses or 2 smaller canvases at the same time. I saw this on Sharon Tomlinson's blog and then on Judy Wise's blog and knew it was what I was looking for.  An excellent price made me take the plunge.


  1. Yay for a new easel. I have not worked on my Deep painting this week. I need to get cracking. Love the houses.

  2. Love the journal page. I have tried for years to use an easel, but I do better on flat. have a great tomorrow!

  3. You are gonna love it! But you will need to print the instructions found in a "review" on Jerry's Artarama. It will be most helpful.

  4. Pure play is always a delight ! Anxious to see how your new easel works for you. A cool tool.
    Happy Thursday, Kate !


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