Friday, March 8, 2013

Fun GIfts

For my birthday the hubby bought me this. Its a wireless keyboard to use with my iPad.  She is so light and cute that I think she needs a name.  Suggestions anyone?

He also got me this little case that she fits in perfectly.

I was in Staples the other day and saw these oh so pretty art supplies.  I get such a pleasure out have supplies that are pretty.  I get a smile on my face just looking at them.

I also got this for myself. I really shouldn't have spent the money so I made a deal with myself.  I needed to sell something to help pay for it.  So I have a couple pieces of spinning equipment that I have been planning to sell.  They went easily, so I am quite happy with myself.

As is often the case this easel has a story.  First I was reading blogs and headed over to Sharon's blog and she had just got one of these.  I was smitten at first site.  I have been wanting an easel that will hold large canvasses and this one fits the bill.  It was on sale for a great price so I just ordered it.  I was a little concerned if it would fit in my studio as the room is not that big. I was thinking length and width, forgot to think about height. Yes, you may have guessed to have it out its full height of 114" my ceiling is too short. The way it is set up now is fine though.  It will hold my largest canvas which is 36 x 48 so I think I am good. You can put 2 smaller canvases on it at the same time or paint on it flat so its pretty versatile. The only drawback is putting it together.  The instructions that come with it are minimal. I found some alternate instructions for a similar easel and we also used the video that is on Jerry's Artarama site.  It took 2 hours to put together which wasn't bad at all.


This is a fun video using gelatos in combination with color pencils and markers.  She is trying to promote their supplies but I find that you can take the techniques and apply to the supplies you already have.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I saw that easel on Sharon's blog. It looks huge! I would never have room for one that big. I can't even use the one I have right now. If I want to use my easel I have to set it up in the garage or out on the patio.

    Have fun with looks great!

  2. Fun gifties ! Enjoy them !
    Keyboard name ? "Kiki" ? ;-)
    Happy and creative Sunday !


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