Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pastels and Collage

I got the stitches out of my hand on Wednesday and have been going to a therapist to get my hand back in shape. It has 25% of the strength of my left hand. So I have some work to do.

Meanwhile I managed to finish one of the Rose Tyler fingerless mitts.  I like the way it turned out.  Now I need to make the other one.

I am still doing exercises in the Pan Pastel classes I am taking.  This was made with a stencil and modeling paste.

This one is from the class on Poppies. These have an abstract look to them.  I have always liked poppies so I am enjoying learning how to draw and paint them.

Pam Carriker is painting a face with PanPastels in this video.

She does a really nice job.  She uses a stencil to draw the basic face and then paint with PanPastels. It looks so easy when she does it.

These two pages are from the altered book journal I have been using for some time.  The book is all about whaling.  I had removed some pages because the book is getting to big.  I use Tim Holtz tissue paper for the background and then took one of the pages I had removed and used them on this page.  This is a letter written by Laura to her husband who is a whaler, I added their pictures for emphasis.

On the facing page I added tags and ribbon and a journal space.  I will add some words about the couple on the tag. I love this tissue paper. Its so see through that it lets the color from the page come through.  You can also color on top of it. I found it at


  1. Lovely art - the poppies are so colourful!
    Hope your hand recovers quickly.

  2. Even with your hand still healing you're making some wonderful art. I like your abstract poppies, and the journal spread is very cool. I like the soft colors.

    Now I'm off to watch that video.

  3. I love that you are creating so busily even with everything happening with your hand! I also deeply admire your knitting skills! I am terrible at finishing the second sock or arm wrap and I only stick to plain patterns.

    Sending love and healing vibes to you. Loved hearing you on the call in Deep. xx

  4. Glad that though your hand is weak, it is still allowing you to create. Heal well !


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