Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Looms, Markers and Miscellany

I was reading this great story late last night when I realized I forgot to do a blog post.  I didn't even have an idea for one.  It was already too late to work on so I left it for this morning.

I had no art to share, I have been working on my loom and with it all tore apart it doesn't make a pretty picture.  I can always show art supplies, I thought to myself, everyone loves looking at them.

So here are some gratuitous  art supply pictures.  We have Neocolor II crayons, Inktense blocks, Gelatos and Sennelier oil pastels.

This is what's on my desk today.  A blank journal full of possibility.  I plan to use it to do some art exploring the chakras like Julie Gibbons is doing.  Instructions on making this journal out of one sheet of Watercolor paper can be found here .  I got the idea of using this small journal as a theme journal from Michelle at  Lost coast post

 I thought I would throw in a snippet of a intuitive painting I've started. Lots of swirls and color and not much else.

And here is the messy loom. I have the beater and front beams out.  There are some major threading errors in the middle of the warp.  This lets me get closer to the problem and hopefully fixing it won't be so hard. Well hopefully all my miscellany was entertaining at least.


  1. Love the swirls!

    Wish I knew someone here in Texas that wanted to buy my loom!

  2. Yes!Always love looking at art supplies :) (look forward to seeing what your chakras have to say)


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