Friday, June 14, 2013

Link Love June 14

This week, some history, old favorites and some new.  Enjoy.

A brief history of Paper I found this to be really fascinating.

Mini Flesh tone tutorial  I love watching and listening to her, love an accent and she is so fun.  Julie Gibbons is doing the icad challenge put on by Tammy Garcia in this post.  She has a little vine video to share.

My friend Lisa over in the UK is someone I met when I was doing Wreck this Journal with Jamie Ridler. She paints wonderful faces and has the best sense of humor.  If you don't know her you will have a blast discovering her blog.

Kristina is more of a fine art painter.  I found her showing the stages of a portrait fascinating and perhaps you will too. She does beautiful figurative work.

To see what other participants are linking to go here:


  1. OOh, that History of Paper post is fascinating! Thank you so much for sharing the link love this week!

  2. Nice links - I enjoyed them all. Thanks for sharing them.


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