Monday, June 10, 2013

There Be Crows and Ravens Here

 I found these videos online and loved them.  First you learn how to draw a crow and then to paint one in watercolor.

So I had to go and try this out. I so love crows and ravens so this tutorials were great for me. I have drawn and painted them before but they have not been very realistic.


 Here is my drawing I did while watching the video. It is pretty easy if you follow his directions.


 This is the painting, now there are a ton of things wrong with it but I like it anyways.  In fact it is the best bird I have ever done. So what has this exercise taught me? Well I think for one how to draw a bird and the courage to paint it in watercolor. Now I want to do some in paint. It was quite fun.

When I was in Oregon I saw these flags In a book store.  They were not selling them but they gave me the artists website.  So I looked up the artist and after some emails I was able to find a place to buy these. Cindy Shake from Alaska does some fantastic stuff. I may have to order some of her raven inspired fabrics.

These flags are all different and have been silkscreened onto cotton fabric.  I haven't figured out where I will hang them yet. So I just draped them to get some pictures.

I love how each one is different, they all have their own personalities. Have you ever seen something and knew you had to have it?  There was no question that I would have these, no matter what they cost. Things can be funny that way. These little flags give me such pleasure to look at them.

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