Monday, October 21, 2013

My Explorations In A Collage Journal

I have been working on and off in a journal that I received as a gift when I went to Sedona last year. The journal is simple, just scrapbook type papers and bound with a ribbon. Its frustrating because the paper keeps moving around. Since this was a gift from a new friend I want to keep it and fill it up. I want it to be full of great art to remind me of the giver. So I decided it might be best used for collage. Papers layered will make it a little bit stronger. Following are some of the pages I have done.

I liked the way this image looked on a black gessoed page.  Sometimes I find it hard to use images that are not in color. I added tape to make some borders around it.

This page was just random scraps of pink papers.  I cut the silhouette out of scrapbook paper, using a magazine image as my model.  I used a sharpie poster paint marker for the writing. She was fun to do.

The Quote is "We are the night ocean filled with glints of light" Rumi.  I love this quote. This was from a greeting card that I dismantled. I had collaged all the purple papers at a different time.

In this one I had the stencil sprayed on but didn't like the background. I painted it with black gesso and added torn strips of paper from a calendar. I left some black visible so that I could add some journaling.  I like how it turned out.

I used strips of  sprayed ink pages, some washi tape for the background.  I painted over the pink page with white so I could journal over it. I used some of the same scraps from the first page to make it more unified.

New Things This Week

I am starting two new courses this week that I am excited about.  Connie Hozvicka is teaching a class called Workshops, creative Circles and Retreats.  It all about learning to run your own events. It has some great guest speakers and is bound to be full of great ideas.

The other class I am taking is called Drawing and Painting What You Love with Irish Painter Pauline Agnew. I have seen some of the work coming out of this class and was truly amazed, More importantly after watching her video's it seems like Pauline is a fabulous teacher.  I really think that I am going to grow as an artist with this class.

Do you take classes that will get you out of your comfort zone?


  1. Fun new journal.
    I am not taking classes right now. Online classes just don't work very well for me.
    I am just enjoying my own comfort zone and developing my own voice.
    Enjoy your explorations !
    Hugs !


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