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What Is This Coaching Thing All About

What Is This Coaching Thing All About

I wrote a post about this two years ago.  It was before I had taken my own coaches training so I decided to revisit the subject because I now have an additional perspective. Now that I have coached others along with having been coached by several different people I have an expanded view on the subject.                                                                                     
You may have heard about personal or creativity coaching but you really don't know what it all about. Or perhaps you have toyed with the idea of hiring a coach but you are a little afraid to take that first step. Let me demystify the subject and tell you all about my experience.  There are many artists out there who hire personal or creativity coaches. You may have heard them talking about their coach and how they were helped. You may wonder what does a coach do for you?  Or perhaps think to yourself, would hiring a coach help you in your life or with your creativity? What if you can't afford one?  What else can you do to get help? I'll be answering some of these questions and more.

What does a coach do for you?

Simply put a coach is like having your very own cheer leader.  They are someone who is in your corner and has no agenda other than helping you succeed. We all have creative dreams and we all can get stuck along the way to making them reality.  In some cases it might be fear holding you back, or it might be procrastination or perfectionism, or even overwhelm when you realize all there is to do.  A coach helps you discover just what it is that is holding you back.  They offer steps, guidance and techniques to get you moving in a forward direction. Coaches also make you accountable and support you in a number of other ways.

What does coaching look like? 

In a coaching session with me I start with an in-depth questionnaire.  This helps me discover where some of your blocks may be.  Then we schedule a phone call.  I will asks a series of questions about your creative dream, what you want to accomplish in the world.  Through this question and answer dialogue we discover what is holding you back and offer ideas on getting you moving forward. I use a series of tools and activities to help you see what you need to work on.

How do you choose a coach?

Choosing a coach is a personal decision. In my own case I followed the person for awhile.  I subscribe to their newsletters, read their blog, participate in some of their offerings.  I got to  know the person a little more and felt comfortable with them.  I knew we would be a good match. Do you need to do all that?  No, if after looking at a persons site and feeling that you resonate with them is enough.  Most coaches offer a free 30 minute session so you can try it out before committing. 

What if you can't afford a coach what else can you do? 

Well for one thing you can hang out on their blog or website.  All coaches give free advice, sometimes there are tele-seminars or book groups or other small events that you can take advantage of. Sign up for their newsletters, they are a wealth of information. You'll get to know them and one day you may find yourself able to hire one.  

As a person who coaches others and has her own coach I am a little biased.  I know how wonderful and empowering the experience can be. I know that I will never be without a coach. Why you might ask, shouldn’t you know all the steps by now.  Well you would be right, I do know all the steps an techniques. Often we get in our own way, its like you can’t see the forest for the trees. Having a coach helps me see what I can’t see myself.  It also saves a lot of time. Instead of spending time wondering what to do next, my coach helps me see the bigger picture, keeps me moving in the right direction.

Try a free session

If coaching seems right for you or you'd like to try it out to find out more, why not sign up for a free 30 minute session. Leave a comment or send me an email to set it up.

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