Monday, October 28, 2013

What a Weekend

I just spent the last 3 days in an intensive writing workshop called "Bestseller in a Weekend" put on by Beth Barany and Alicia Dunams. I think my brain is a little bit fried, so much information in so little time.  I learned so many things about writing and publishing.  I have a whole new posse of peeps to help me on my own writing journey.  It was fabulous, worth every penny.  Now I have the rest of the week to work on characters and outline so I will be ready to go on November 1st.  Nanowrimo here I come.

In between all that I have been doing more work in the collage journal.  These two ladies came out of the background. That blob of blue on the left was just there and I kept it since I thought it made a great hat or fascinator.

I took the paper doll I made a little while ago and glued her down. I think she accomodates this background really well.

I had this face from a collage sheet from Zorana. It was muted and not distinct at all, so I got out my charcoal pencil and changed her features. It was fun changing her a bit, now she seems more mine.

There are a lot of blue green and gold in this collage.  It needs something on top of it, but I decided to show it anyways.

This was made with a color wheel stencil. I kept some colors in the background and used markers to fill in some of the squares. I am not sure if I will do anything else with it.  I kind a like it just as it is.

This was a page with leftover paint scraps from when I was in Sedona last year.  I added tape and other marks with gelatos.  I think it looks great just as it is. I love the bright yellow in contrast to the purple.

I took some scrapbook paper and sanded it down. I thought I'd add PanPastel to the top layer and so it did not work the way I planned. So then I added more vibrant pinks and purple to the background. I like how it changed the paper.

This is how the paper looks now, I love how it really made the colors more vibrant. Its always fun to look for new ways to use your supplies.


  1. I love the looseness in the women who came to visit your journal this week, Kate !
    Wishing you happy writing prep !

  2. So much stunning favorite is the collage with blue green and the colors melting together ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling


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