Monday, October 14, 2013

October Calendar

Here is my October Calendar. I used some sheets of stationery that were not as big as my journal so I added collaged papers to fill in the empty spots.  I used a leaf stamp in five different colors for the days of the week. A simple but fun design.

I am in a swap for a Day of the Dead art card.  I decided to make a decorate skull. I used fluorescent paints and markers on watercolor paper.  This was so much fun to make.  I started with the outline of the skull and just starting adding patterns. So much fun to make.

My Weekend

My friends Cyndi and Shirley came for the weekend. I have this sweater that I have not been working on for very much.  It is an extremely complex patterning.  There are traveling stitches, complex cables and moss stitch. One of the cables way back at the beginning was twisted incorrectly and I figured that it was too late to fix.  The fact that the cable is made with twisted stitches kept me from even trying to fix this. Cyndi offered to drop down the entire section and fix the cable and then re-knit all the remaining ones.

This is what it looked like on her lap. Seeing all that loose yarn is really pretty scary. They wouldn't let me look. I had complete trust in Cyndi so I was ok.

Here is the sweater all fixed. Now I can start working on it on it and not feel bad looking at the mistake. Thanks so much Cyndi.

So how was your weekend?

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  1. Can you believe October is half way over already ???? Crazy !
    Looks like you had a sweet knit and chat weekend. Always good to spend time with good friends !


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