Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Christmas Pennant Tutorial

I decided to make a pennant banner for the Holidays.  So I made a tutorial on it just for you.

First you need some pennant pieces. I started with these chipboard ones.

Then I grabbed a cereal box and made a template so I could make more. The base is 4.0 inches wide and the side to the point is 6" but you could make them any size you want.

I traced the pattern on to scrapbook papers and cut them out.

Then I needed to punch holes so I pulled out my crop a dile and punched all the holes. The holes are 1/4"inch from the top and side edges. You can use a regular hole punch if that is what you have.

Then take a glue stick and glue your papers to the chipboard.

You need to choose a word that you want to use.  I chose Merry Christmas but you could do Happy Holidays or Celebrate or Peace or Joy.  I cut my letters out with my Cricut but you could use chipboards letters too.  I ended up cutting all sorts of colors out but only the black seemed to show up well on all the different colored papers.

Then you will need some ribbon to string the pennant pieces together.  I chose a 1/8 in craft ribbon.

Now string the ribbon through all the holes leaving some extra on each end for tying on.

Then all you need to do is hang it somewhere pretty. If you decide to make your own please send me the link I'd love to see your creations.


  1. Very nice, My Queen. Good idea that is festive! xoO

  2. What a fun tutorial....and you could make the banners for lots of different occasions. Great idea, Kate!!

  3. Looks wonderful on your mantel Kate.

  4. How nice is that! Great idea!
    Happy holidays Kate!

  5. Very Merry Queen how it looks on your mantel. I am still decorating, I can't seem to catch up!!! Big Hugs, Merry Christmas


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