Friday, December 17, 2010

Is it already Friday

I just realized that it is Friday already, where did the week go. I haven't blogged since Sunday and that is a long time for me to go without. When I realized this yesterday I thought oh I need to finish that journal page I have been working on so I have something to post but alas I never even got into the studio yesterday. I haven't even read blogs for the past couple days.  Is this how it goes with all of you too.   Oh I have been working on things but they are presents so I can't show them yet. So with no art to share I will have to talk about something else.

A little while ago I got my copy of this in the mail. It been out for some time but I wasn't that pressed to buy it. Although I love Danny Gregory and have his other books and I knew it would be wonderful I resisted.

I was thinking oh its like 1000 Artist Journal Pages so I don't need another book like that. I mean I love that book but I don't need two of them.  Well I discovered how wrong I was, the book is wonderful and so different from the journal pages book. I think one review said its like looking into the mind of an artist and that is what its like. You get to spend several pages with each artist, look into their sketchbooks and see their processes. I have barely delved into all the varied artists in the book and I am loving it. I highly recommend the book for all of you or any artist on your gift list.


  1. These books do both look like a lot of fun! I know everyone is extra busy right now so blogland is slow...but good to see you when you come up for air!

  2. Thank you for posting about Danny's book, I have often been tempted to order it but I hesitated--now you've inspired me and I think I'll stop hesitating. Happy weekend!

  3. I bought An Illustrated Life earlier this year and LOVE it! I too love to read about the process of other artists and I'm a sketchbook addict!

    Have a great weekend, Kate.

    Serena :)

  4. December is always very busy. I haven't been much to the blogs either. I'm making it up now. :) Thanks for letting us now about the book.

  5. I have Danny's book there in the first photo...but I'll have to peek into the second sounds wonderful!
    thanks for sharing!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

    that's one of the reasons I love blog reading so too is a peek into the creative worlds of others and I find it oh so inspiring!
    have a great day!

  6. Hey, Danny's book is wonderful, don't you think?? and oh yeah I am in it, but it's truly a fabulous book.


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