Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nano Burnout

I seem to be suffering from nano burnout, don't feel like doing a thing. I have managed a couple art journal pages in the last few days.

This was a background I did not like, I kept layering paint and then tissue paper and it became so textured all I could think of adding was a little collage. Once I let go I all the elements just flowed together. I love it when that happens. The leaves are from a freebie of Alisa Burke's.

I do like putting images down and painting around them. This sat for a week then I just added some stamps. It doesn't photograph too well.

In this background I was trying out a new paisley stamp I bought recently. The background was made with watercolor crayons, the woman with crayons and acrylics. She was found in the background.

I love this little sweet spot. These pages were all done in my altered book journal.

We are still in a winter wonderland, more snow arrived. Yesterday the snowplow left a mountain in our driveway again. I went to go out and couldn't, it was annoying to say the least. I am already so sick of winter and its only just begun. The only good thing is that the road should be easily passable now.  Before I had to drive 5 miles an hour to get through it all.

This morning I am listening to this. Its Maggie Sansone's cd Dancing upon the Shore. It has to be one of my favorite Celtic CD's. She plays the hammered dulcimer and the melodies are so soothing on a dark winter day or any other too.

Wishing you all a few soothing moments in your day.


  1. for feeling burnt out these are amazingly creative. lovely pages!

  2. Listen to that sweet Self needing rest, Lovely Kate and only do what feels oh so good to you. You have earned that, haven't you ?
    Lovely pages !
    By the way, I am far from always upbeat but creating and sharing my stories make me happy so I guess that is what shines through.
    Love & soothing to you, my Friend !

  3. I think that you do more during a burnout than I do in 6 months, Kate. I continually come here and am inspired, and then I so rarely find the time to create art. You do beautiful work, xoO

  4. You're still creating - that can't be burnout. You just on a slower burner - simmering away nicely and getting all tender!

    This is nice music - I'm just listening to the sample on Amazon. Very soothing indeed.

    Keep warm!

  5. I know what you mean. I have just done art for several days...nano is OVER!

  6. When I have burnout I don't create anything! All these pages look great. I love the first one most of all. I'm sure all that texture looks even better in real life.

    I hope you get out soon. I know how it is to be stuck at home....all you can think of is all the things you could be doing.

  7. I love the paisley stamp - so creative. And I'm thinking there must be a lot you can do with it. Even burnt out, you accomplish more than most of us!

  8. Great pages! And I love that music! I will have to keep an eye out for that cd!


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